Phoebe Buffay and karma – or, why I need to get my shit together

I am a shameless Friends addict.

I’ve seen every episode, multiple times. I can tell you what bits Netflix cut out from episodes when they uploaded them (“Fine, be murky!” “Rachel, that’s a library card.”). I quote episodes all the time, without thinking (FYI – there is never an appropriate time to say “Make love? What are you? A girl?” to anyone, especially if you are lying next to him).

But the one line I’ve been overlooking is from the episode “The One Where Monica Gets a New Roommate” – yep, the first one. For those who don’t watch or don’t remember, Monica goes on a date with Paul the Wine Guy from work. While on this date, he tells this sob story about how he hasn’t had sex in two years since his wife walked out on him. Obviously, this turns out to be a massive lie and when it is revealed to Monica, she immediately says how much she hates men.

It is Phoebe’s response that I have overlooked and most definitely shouldn’t have.

“Oh no, don’t hate, you don’t want to put that out into the universe.”

I never believed in karma. Of course I cheer when karma manifests itself on my side, but I never think about the actions I have done to get it there. I find myself to be bitter, mildly hateful yet hilarious (picture April Ludgate from Parks and Recreation, only less into blood and guts and doom), but have my biting criticisms caused me to fall into a karmic spiral where the universe just taketh away?

And most importantly, have my karmic debts been repaid so that things can go in my favour?

I am currently sitting on a massive decision that is now officially out of my hands and I am sick with nerves. I don’t like not being in control and I am no longer in control. And because I am convinced that the reason for the difficulties in this situation is a result of bad karma, I am just hoping that the universe is on my side this time and that I have done enough to get what I want. Life’s magnet is pulling me in this direction and it feels correct.

Long story short, I’m trying to pull back the hate that I put into the universe so that it doesn’t come raining down on me in this decision.

Sending all the positive vibes your way, so please send them back. 🙂


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