I saw the sign – or, why the universe just won’t let it go

I am a big believer in wishing on stars, in chatting to whatever higher beings create chance (or chonce as I like to pronounce it when being a dick) and in receiving messages of assurance from the universe. For example, I’m about to undertake the whole applying to grad school applying for a visa burden once again and every time I am doing something random that has nothing to do with London, London will pop up on the telly or a British person I don’t know will randomly pop into my life (like my massage therapist Lulu).

Anyway. Right now I’m dealing with a situation I was pretty sure I wouldn’t have to deal with again and while my new empath friend (and my reiki master) have assured me that it will resolve itself the way I want it to, I have to detach from it in order for it to do so. Which is hard for me – detaching is like removing yarn from barbed wire without snagging the yarn. And when things are out of my control, I turn to the universe and ask it for signs – signs that things will be okay.

Today as I was driving home from work, I couldn’t help thinking about the situation and wanting to know if I should hold out for the outcome I want or just walk away. As I was thinking this, a car drove by me, the license plate reading “MOR2COM.”

Okay, I hear you, universe. Loud and clear.


Wandering star

I was not born to stay in one place.┬áTrees put down roots. But I’ve never been a tree.

My feet itch. They itch and they burn and they physically ache when I can’t move. When I can’t spread my wings. And I haven’t been able to the way I need to.

I’m not meant to stay here and I don’t know how much longer I can do it sanely.