In bloom

I think of us as seeds. Embryonic seeds that didn’t come from the same plant but aren’t so different. It’s not like you’re a cactus and I’m a daisy, or you’re a weed and I’m a rose. We’re two of the same species, but not identical. What I’ve learned growing my own sunflowers is that seeds won’t grow properly if they are crowded into a pot that can’t accommodate them. The soil will become more roots than nutrients and even though you may water them religiously and put them in the proper amounts of sunlight, they won’t grow if they’re just becoming tangled up in one another without the proper nourishment. But if you grow them separately until they are mature and then transplant them, they’ll be healthy enough to continue to grow.

So I’ll let you grow in your own pot. I’ll let you be healthy, nourished and well-tended for. And I’ll do my own growing over here in mine. And when we’ve done all our separate growing, then we can be planted together to grow together.

Because although I can bud without you in my pot, I can’t fully bloom. Sure, I’ll sprout a few here and there, but you are the missing piece that prevents me from fully springing to life in resplendent petals. Without you, there’s winter where there should be spring. But an unhealthy plant can’t grow and live. Neither can we. So you’ll get healthy. I’ll get healthy. And then we can be planted in the same pot with our roots tangled and enmeshed. We’ll soak up the sun and burst into full bloom – together.


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