Why does no one feel bad for Emily Waltham?

I have loved Friends for as long as I can remember, and ever since my sophomore year of college, my very good friend has told me that I remind him of Rachel Green. I can’t even deny this anymore – she may be a bit vapider than I am, but the similarities are uncanny. And in terms of my love life, the Ross and Rachel storyline has always resonated with me but is currently resonating more than ever.

So it goes without saying that I never liked Emily Waltham.

Emily was an obstacle in the Ross and Rachel endgame relationship. Her presence prevented Rachel from telling Ross that she loved him. She tried to ensure that Ross cut Rachel out of his life after the infamous “I, Ross, take thee, Rachel” wedding fiasco. And I know I’m not alone in my dislike for Emily. Later on, the other characters even tell Ross that they are not fond of her.

This time, however, I found myself feeling horrific for Emily.

Picture this: so much has gone wrong regarding your wedding – the menu, the venue. You have to settle for things that you have impacted your dream wedding but honestly, it doesn’t matter because you get to marry a wonderful man. And then some bitch named Rachel shows up and ruins everything. Your groom calls you the wrong name, humiliating you in front of all of your friends and family as well as his. Then he has the audacity to invite her on what was supposed to be your honeymoon.

Although it was never going to work out between Emily and Ross, you have got to feel a bit of pity for her. I used to think she was the worst for trying to force Ross to cut out Rachel in addition to other sacrifices – moving, new furniture. Now I get it. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, and when some bitch named Rachel ruins your wedding, you have to hold her the slightest bit accountable.

(For the record I still love Rachel Green and am so glad she and Ross were endgame, just gained a little empathy).


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