Loves and loathes

Loves: bananas, Lush, Friends, most things pertaining to the UK, travelling, photography, complaining, Starbucks, peaches, tea, the colour turquoise, wearing scrubs, Chelsea boots, frozen yogurt, sneaking kale into my juice, Kopparberg Elderflower and Lime, whiskey, books, anything and everything to do with the French language, Harley Quinn, star gazing, seaside, sunshine, getting my way, boys who look like Ron Weasley, penguins, Belle & Sebastian, music, vinyl, juicing, glitter, nostalgia, writing, Harry Potter, another famous Harry, sleeping, macarons, working out.

Loathes: Migraines, feeling stuck, all seafood, anything banana flavoured, 2.No, most rom-coms, saying goodbye, rejection, visa processing, most vegetables, being separated from the ones I love by an ocean, blood, bodily processes, uncertainty, when people achieve my goals before they achieve their own, SN.

(Note: For someone who says I hate a lot of stuff, I actually love more things than I hate. Who knew?)


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